There are 429 European universities in global ranking in Europe, which contains 35% of the total number of universities in this continent. Oxford and Cambridge University and London College from the UK, University of Copenhagen from Denmark, London Imperial College from the UK, the University of Cologne from Belgium, the Federal Institute of Zurich from Switzerland, Sorbonne University of France, the University of Edinburgh from the UK, The University of Manchester from the UK ranked first to tenth in Europe. Here in the table below the world ranking list and the total number of top 20 universities in Europe are available.

The Number of European Countries in the World Ranking

There are 34 European countries in the global ranking list including, Britain with 71 universities, Germany with 56 universities and Italy with 46 universities among the universities with the highest number of presence in the list. The table below shows the status of universities in 34 European countries in the list among top 20 universities, top 50 universities, top 100 universities, top 200 universities, top 300 universities, 400 higher schools, 500 top universities and 1220 top universities.